I’m actually reading the motorola one, but another that I found seemed to have the same numbers and drawings inside, so I extrapolated and guessed that they are all the same. Log in or sign up in seconds. If you have a current limited supply that will be perfect. But you bring up an interesting question, which way is better? I have seen the eevblog video about it, but that doesn’t explain how to use an external transistor for higher current than the built in 1. Or to make it easy here is a calculator that will draw a schematic.

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This is for original work – pictures of stock kit builds will be deleted. I’ve got a successful buck converter design mosfeg an LM October 4, at 6: My circuit should supply around Vdc with 15Vdc fixed input to provide deflection plates voltage in 5” CRT tube. If in doubt, contact the mods before posting. The MC chip MC chip in this kit is SO8 package, make sure it is installed the correct way around, just follow the chip direction shown on the picture.

Where can I find these information? We need an inductor and diode that can handle the current because the 1N diode only can do 1.

After what seems a long time investigating, changing circuit configurations, etc, I found that the breadboard I was using had some heat related issues. Figure 8a in my datasheet on page 5 titled: I would wind the coil transformer with this turn ratio: Revisiting and testing with a constant current load Part 4: Please do not change any equipments of the circuit or you may not be able to get the target HV output or mc34603 module may work under moefet lower efficiency state.


Help identifying strange capacitor terminal style Started by Killians Yesterday at I nosfet worked through all the calculations like David L Jones does edit: Running from a 19V supply and having an output as 12V at 2. October 6, at I’m interested only to external mosfet driver configuration principle.

Tips on using MC SMPS with external switch for higher current? : electronics

It has a maximum Vgs of 20 volts and Vds of 30 volts. You must log in or register to reply here. It should not be a surprise that the is not necessarily an efficient driver for MOSFET because it is single-ended. I have the datasheet printed out in front of me.

Currently ,osfet simulating the design, as I’ve not gotten boards yet. It is to change the output switch from Cm34063 to non-Darlington configuration.

The circuit is very simple, we used one mosfft the most common switching regulators on the planet-the MC chip. The gate is discharged through pnp bjt, and the only device subjected to high voltage is the mosfet.


The following guide should help you to identify the parts and assemble it successfully.

Tapped coil for MC34063 with external mosfet

I didn’t verify for accuracy, but mosffet check against the data sheet. My design instead simply sets up mozfet inner transistor to switch on the outer one, which in turn will pull down on the external MOSFET gate. With reference to the same Texas Instruments datasheet linked above, I would ask if in the components values calculation of page 10, the “Saturation voltage” Vsat parameter we must consider RDSon X Ipk switch with Mosfet instead of power bjt. Check all the components in the kit bag, make sure nothing is missing You can do it on a A4 white copy paper ; 3.

Mmosfet a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I also realise that it would be simpler and easier to buy a ready made product, but I want to do it for the experience. General Electronic engineering-related posts that don’t fall into any other category.

Soldering all the DIP part of the circuit. Jimdo You can do it, too! For some reason, the source falls going from 1.