How do I make the new drive larger? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Restarted, and same process as above 5. Woohoo, another gb of stuff for the staff to fill up! So, at one of my schools, the HDD storage is getting a little thin on the ground

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Will be looking at taking full backups beforehand, so that don’t need to worry about loss of data hopefully!!!!

IBM x335 onboard LSI 1020 (mpt) poor performance

I will then swap over the HDD guess will need to shut it down to do that?! Will do anyway, just to be safe. Thanks to Duke from: Restart server, server complained disk missing, do I want to go to raid software.

Shall keep my fingers crossed lssi you sir.

Wait about 8 hours for the array to finish rebuilding, by which time I Had 1020q home, as took ages for the backup to complete! I’ve seen this work before in theory like you’ve described, but I’ve also seen it go horribly wrong.

Leblanc in forum Hardware. Woohoo, another gb of stuff for the staff to fill up! The time now is Glad I did, took ages for the whole process to complete Restart in li a startup disk to re-allocate the partition sizes could’ve skipped this, but I wanted to increase the 1st partition size as well as the 2nd.


The raid 1 setup is used for most accessed stuff, like my documents, shared folders etc, with 1020q 1tb raid 5 mainly used for software installs and rai storage But, I’m a bit unsure of the next step But then, I finally just thought, I’m not sure of the process of how to migrate the drives using this RAID controller Well, all went well The 1tb is fine, but it’s the gb that’s running low.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Got back in in the morning, shut down, and removed second disk.

Migrating RAID Array – LSI MegaRAID i

Are you confident that your backups are good and will restore as expected? Shutdown server, remove 1st hdd in array 2. If you do try it through RAID expansion, the process is usually something like: Wait for ages whilst it does the background initialisation.

Originally Posted by Duke. Restarted, and same process as above 5.

But, all went well. Glad you got it sorted out. Replace one existing disk in the eaid with larger disk Allow the array to rebuild until it is completely healthy again Replace next disk, and repeat steps 1 and 2 until all the disks have been replaced with larger ones and the array is healthy Go 10220a the array controller BIOS or Windows-based GUI tools and expand faid array to make use of the larger disks note – this isn’t supported by all RAID cards Once the array is expanded and healthy again, go into Windows disk management and expand the disk volume to make use of the newly available space if the OS isn’t Windows or you run into problems, check out GParted Cheers, Chris.


Currently, the system has 2 x gb SAS drives running in raid 1, and 3 x gb sata drives running in raid 5 to 1tb Do I need to do something similar to the following link: So thumbsup on that. Went to software, and lsu it was rebuilding array. Has anyone done it before? So, I got 2 x gb sas drives to replace them, thinking I’d just use a migrate like I’ve done before in my nas