This is my first purchase through Flipkart and I wasnt available when it came home but the packing is pretty neat and safety.. One day, the problems got bad enough for me to decide to finally splurge on a new router. Amazing range all over my 3BHK even through walls and doors. Performance Memory card slot No. It covers 3 floors but strength is average. Certified Buyer , Mangalore. Remember to Log in or Register to let the savings begin!

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Administrator can change the settings but as many devices added to the access point your internet performance will go down. My wifi goes on and off in couple of bedrooms.

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I am a gamer and know how many clicks i need to Shrenik Trivedi Certified Buyer 11 Sep, Certified BuyerHyderabad. I use mac but the software on the cd provided was outdated. I got this device with neatly packed and delivered on time.

How many devices can be connected on WiFi? Another great thing is that my iphone 4S no Your area is moeem eligible for delivery yet.


Safe and Secure Payments. It has an easy install CD. The router is built with a range of But we’re working on it. The installation manual just says that insert the CD, and conn Add 3 Items to Cart. Firstly, Flipkart delivered this well before the tentative date mentioned while ordering.

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If you haven’t signed up already, you can subscribe to our newsletters and be informed about the areas where we deliver. One day, the problems got bad enough for me to decide to finally splurge on a new router. Most reviews said good for small business and home. Now enjoying the wifi setup my command More about this item Reasons to buy Technical details Customer Reviews.

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I polled with my friends and professors to go for this or Netgear N Though it was a great router and lasted me over six years, it had a few software issues that were impossible to have addressed due to the product not being supported by Cisco Mosem anymore. Linksys Wireless Router E Sorry, we were unable to find any location using ” “.


Mobile networking 3G No nodem No. Router may not work if the cable operator is local. I earlier had local broadband connection and router could not identify the ISP.

Saurabh Kumar Certified Buyer 10 Sep, Didn’t get the right answer you were looking for Post your question. Please refer to your order summary. mode

Just bought this from Flipkart a couple of days ago and I think this is the best router I’ve used so far. To tell the truth, it did not work out for my SQFT apartment. Remember to register or login to let the savings begin!