I am looking at buying the pn40 gps I have no experience at all with a gps. Joel, Both will work fine. For the early PN units, you had to run TOPO-USA on your windows or mac computer, select the regions you were interested in, select the range of magnifications you wanted, then click on “download” and wait, sometimes for quite a while, as the computer re-coded those map regions in a format that could be used by the PN The Delorme will go though two AA batteries in hours. Paul, I have not used other brands so cannot compare ease of use of the Delorme with other brands. Delorme has been making some great updates as far as Geocaching go too – I was worried after reading the reviews that I would have difficulty with this unit – boy was I wrong.

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delorme pn-40 and Topo usa 8.0

However, I tested the batteries 3 hours after removal from the PN40 and they both showed 1. With the huge memory cards, you can load the whole USA into the GPS, and throw in all of Canada too, and still have room for aerial photos and such. I am looking at buying the pn40 gps I have no experience at all with a gps. For comparison, my Garmin Legend with batteries is 5. I have found that they have very short life when compared to NiMH and lithium non-rechargable battery types.


The Ln-40 will take up to a 32 GB card.

Loading in waypoints is a snap. The third is the small screen size. Write a customer review. Other wise it is a good gps I use my in Iraq for work and have beaten it up and still going strong. After spending quite a bit of time with the Garmin Colorado and Oregon devices this summer I do miss the concept of profiles.

Set the PN40 near the window to test battery life. Use Topo North America to scout your trips as if you were there, with realistic 3-D and degree rotation Locate places of interest, create driving and hiking routes, identify public lands, import maps and imagery Exchange GPS files with the PNw Easily manage and edit your collected GPS files Print maps for take-along reference. John Roper – July 19th, Hopefully these will prove to be the best way to go.

This is an easy to use device. If you are someone who wants a GPS to dwlorme you the basics and is as easy to use as a “point-and-shoot” camera, this is likely not the GPS for you. There was a problem completing your request.

Warranty & Support

Brian, See my post to Mark above. After use with under heavy wave sea kayaking conditions, being dropped in rivers, and even being dragged behind a kayak for about a mile no water entered the battery compartment. Honestly, both would probably do exactly what I want.


True, it’s takes some effort, but it is insanely powerful and quickly becomes an indispensable tool. Kirk – October 4th, I have not tried the zoom out approach to power saving.

Though I believe a certain amount of credits are included. I am a Mac guy and have been learning this software on a windows vista lap top vista being the source of most of my frustrations but have figured it out. You would go off the road trying to read that small screen! The included Topo USA program includes a rudimentary basemap of Canada, and through it you can also purchase their map subscription which will allow you to download 1: That being said, you can be up and navigating almost immediately.

In addition to the unique value of available aerial imagery, the PNw delivers a wide range of paperless geocaching capabilities. However, customer service is excellent if you call them.

DeLorme PN GPS Review

Some others nice features are the fact the unit is light and rugged. Bill – December 26th, DeLorme had a fairly solid design so they stuck with it. So why do I also think it is one of the winddows to the PN?